When only the best is good enough

Our fabulous make-up artist Elizabeth Joseph Love shares with us here top wedding makeup tips……

There’s just so much to think about when planning a wedding and when it comes to make-up there are a few things you definitely need to know.

When you first contact your make-up artist remember they need to know the following before they can confirm availability.

1. The wedding date

2. Your ceremony time

3. The location of both the trial and wedding

4. The number of people requiring make-up on the day.


Your wedding make-up is a big deal. So often make-up is overlooked and is one of the last things on a bride’s ‘to do’ list. I am now taking bookings for 2021 and will have multiple enquiries for the same day, so to avoid disappointment, book early.

After you have booked your wedding make-up, it’s a good idea to follow me on Instagram or Facebook. This is a great way for us to stay connected and you can see more of my work as it is posted.


I always take a skin first approach to make-up. Metaphorically speaking the canvas before I start to paint should be as flawless as possible. Very dry skin is a make-up artist’s worst nightmare, so remember hydration is key. Drink lots of water in the run-up to your wedding and moisturise day and night. Try to avoid changing your skincare routine just before your wedding. Stick to what you know works and use sunscreen even on a cloudy day. Planning a wedding can be stressful and stress can play havoc with your skin. You can start skin preparation up to a year before. Why not consider a visit to Dr Sophie Shotter https://illuminateskinclinic.co.uk/ who offers an extensive range of treatments for the skin, face and body.


Although it’s good to book your make-up artist early, it’s better to have your trial no more than 3 to 4 months before the big day. You should have your trial after you have decided on your dress, flowers and colour theme, so that your make-up will harmonise with your vision.

Your make-up trial must be done in daylight and usually takes an hour and a half to 3 hours depending on requirements. The trial is done at a location of your choice and should, if possible, be booked in at the same time as you book your wedding day, as dates get snapped up really quickly.

At the trial, It’s a good idea to wear an old, light coloured top as it will reflect light and be barefaced; unless there is a specific aspect of your make-up that you would like me to see and replicate.

Be realistic when collecting pictures of make -up looks. Avoid celebrity images and make-up trends. Remember all those brow trends over the years… From pencil thin brows to Intensely dark, square fronted defined brows. Thank goodness natural brows are back.

Everyone has a unique face shape, tone and texture, so it’s not one look suits all. When you walk down the aisle, The first thing your fiancé will see is the complete bridal look, but as you walk closer to him, he will focus in on your beautiful face, so make sure your make-up is perfect.

Your make-up should be flawless, elegant and timeless, so that in years to come you can look back on your wedding photographs with confidence, remembering that you looked the very best version of yourself.


It is not essential for bridesmaids/mothers to have a trial. This is entirely at your discretion. It’s nice to have a trusted friend present with you and it is advisable for a mother of the bride to have a trial if she is worried about looking ‘overdone.’ Having a trial will put her mind at rest. Likewise, if any of your bridesmaids feel anxious about their make-up, a trial is advisable.


It’s fine to look healthy and glowing, but please don’t overdo it. Make sure if you are having a spray tan that you have a trial run before the wedding day. If you do decide on a light spray tan, remember that you should not spay tan your face, as it can look patchy and will be more difficult to cover. I can easily match your foundation to your décolletage. (neck & chest) Many brides worry that they will be a different colour at the trial to the wedding day. Again, this is not a problem, I just adjust and rematch the foundation on the day. Easy!!!

If you’re wearing a white wedding dress bear in mind that even a light spray tan will look darker in a white dress and a word of warning… fake tan can rub off on your dress. Bondi Sands quick-drying formula is my favourite.


I’m an advocate for using a high SPF on a daily basis, but on your wedding day avoid it. SPF has light-reflecting particles and so it flashes back in photographs, leaving you looking like you have a white face. Most moisturisers and foundations now include SPF protection. Choose moisturises and foundations that have no more than 20 SPF for your wedding day.


On the wedding day the bridal make-up takes approximately an hour, other party members (Bridesmaids/Mothers) take approximately 45 minutes. Make sure you allow enough time for hair and make-up. The morning can become busy and four hours will suddenly feel like two.

One question brides always ask is… What comes first hair or makeup? It is best for the make-up to be done first (with the exception of the lips) and then the hair is styled. That way the hair does not need to be moved to make-up your face. The lips are done just before you put on your dress. Once the lips are done, I will give you a straw, so that you can drink champagne without worrying about smudging your lips. I am used to adapting and being flexible on the wedding morning. It’s all about the bride and we work around you. Just a footnote…If there is a large wedding party for make-up, the bride never goes first for make-up. I like to start the bride’s make-up somewhere in the middle so that we have plenty of time.


The answer is to use thin layers and build up and blend. Overdoing the moisturiser, primer and foundation will mean, product overload and your make-up will then move. Using high-quality products is essential for longevity. Wedding’s can be emotional, so waterproof mascara is a must. It’s a good idea to purchase the lip colour you choose at the trial, so you can top it up. I also advise my brides to purchase a sheer pressed powder for the T-zone for oil control. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder is sheer and lightweight.

Another way to keep your make-up looking fresh all day is to use a setting mist. My favourite is Morphe Setting Mist

Congratulations!!! With all these things in mind, your dream wedding will run like clockwork and you will look beautiful, feel confident and be totally relaxed on your special day.

Here’s the link you need to get in touch with Liz to discuss your wedding make-up.