When only the best is good enough

Neon Wedding Styling by My Wedding Professionals

Bold Neon shades to ensure you stand out on your big day!

The My Wedding Professionals team got together to create our own Neon styled wedding photoshoot to help give you some inspiration. And we are extremely proud to have this featured in this month Your Kent Wedding Magazine! Including the front cover!

Teaming Gorgeous Wedding Dresses from Victoria’s Bridal Boutique with neon pink shoes and underskirt was an easy and stunning way to add a splash of colour. Vicky can get shoes dyed in a whole range of colours, you just have to pick which one!

We also used a brightly painted backdrop, which combines the neon colours and geometric shapes. Being so bold, it makes a great backdrop to our photos but it would also make the perfect DIY photo booth back ground”

RKW Hair stylist said, “For me, neon is all about making a statement and standing out so I felt the bridal hair needed to have that wow factor. To pack a punch, I went for a retro feel and added texture into the hair. Incorporating neon accessories into your hair can add a punch of colour to your outfit which can match neon scarves, belts, bags and even statement necklaces. If you want to stand out, don’t be frightened to go bold”.

Sharon’s Cake Couture said, “Currently trending, are rainbow roses and the fabulous drip cakes. For this shoot I dared to be bold and crafted neon roses that are completely edible and even glow in the dark. I then dripped coloured icing down the cake. Each layer was a different colour but I kept the same colours used on the roses. Topped with a rainbow neon ‘bleeding heart’, I named the cake, Bleeding love.”

And on the subject of drink, Bottle Bazaar created the perfect label to personalise your wine to the neon theme.

Used correctly, neon, attention-grabbing colours will attract, engage, and inspire your guests. So why don’t you consider adding a splash of neon, flaming orange, dazzling pink, citron yellow, lime green, into your wedding theme!

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